Wednesday, December 10, 2014

If you were to get in a car accident and had to choose to hit a SUV or a Mini Cooper which would you choose? If it were up to me and the ethics of the situation I would choose for the hit to be random decision made, either an A or a B. I say this because for one the SUV is built more safe because it is bigger in size and is heavier, which Patrick Lin say's can better absorb the impact of the crash. Also, the SUV is more safe built because many people who buy this have kids. Which brings me to the next point, if the SUV is made for kids to be in, should you program a car to hit a vehicle which could potentially be packed with kids. Or even more, with more people who could potentially be getting hurt from this collision? The decision is so hard, it is much simpler to just go with an A or B decision.

I think that the motorcyclists whom are not wearing helmets should be the people or objects that the cars are programmed to hit. Although they have a higher chance of getting hurt and are already at a higher risk, they are putting themselves in danger. If they are not being responsible and are knowingly putting themselves in a situation that could potentially hurt them, they deserve to be hit. Not the person who is taking the correct precautions while on the road.

I believe that the idea for a car to make random decisions when about to crash is a good idea. I believe this because this way one doesn't actually choose who gets hit, but can just leave it to a simple A or B decision made by the computer. You aren't setting the car to hit into someone you're setting the car to randomly hit someone, if it was to get in this situation.

If a driver isn't making making control decisions, they should somewhat be held responsible for the outcomes. For example, if you were under the influence of alcohol or have been abusing drugs then of course you shouldn't be getting in the drivers seat of a car, for if anything were to happen. Although, if you were to get in this car and it could self drive itself, then why do you have to be sober? The answer to this is simple, I think at least, even though you aren't driving the car if something were to happen and you had to take control or make a split second decision would you be making the "right" one or the one that you are going to wish you took once you are sober? The car manufactures should be held responsible for the mishap in the programming, but the driver should most definitely be held responsible for the decisions that they made during the situation.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Throughout these past Fridays I have researched five different types of optical illusions. Throughout the weeks I have researched contrast effects, color effects, geometric illusions, reversible illusions, and impossible objects. I have looked at different images of our brain and have researched how ones brain interprets different types of optical illusions to understand them more. I have researched one by one these five types of illusions and how our brain responds to them. I had planned on researching and learning more about optical illusions, but I didn't get to all of it. Although, I feel that I have learned and accomplished quite a good amount of information throughout this semester from my Passion Project. For the next three Fridays I am going to start my Google Presentation.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Passion Project First Update

Throughout these first two Fridays of starting my passion project I have started out at a good pace and hopefully will continue. I have started looking at contrast effects and how our brain processes them. So far I have been looking at pictures of ones brain and some nerves to try and understand how our brain interpret these specific types of optical illusions. I first looked at a specific contrast effect and then researched how they effect our brains. Using this method of first looking at the type of illusion and then looking it up worked good for me, so I will most likely continue in that order. I could use this information when looking at the next type of optical illusion I plan on researching, color effects. I believe I accomplished a good amount in these two Fridays because I was really focused and interested in my topic. Next week I am going to start looking at and researching color effects.