Thursday, November 14, 2013

Passion Project Reflection

So far Jenna and I have gotten a lot of work done on Forensic Scientists.  I believe that if we continue at this pace that we could get done and maybe even a little early so that we can practice presenting it.  We have done so much research so far, although we still have much more to learn.  So far we have researched mass murderers, serial killers, some mysteries (boy in the box), autopsy, forensic scientists, unknown people, and started a little part of our crime scenes.  We have completed 25 slides so far and are aiming for about 35.  All we have left to do is make two crime scenes, list more sources, and talk about how criminals think.  Jenna and I haven't faced any obstacles yet.  We could run into some still though, for example we could not be able to access the crime scenes, forget to list our sources, and not find information on how criminals think.

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