Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First Post

Hi everyone!  My name is Karissa Flynn and I go to Northern Burlington Middle School.  I am in 8th grade and currently in a Rogate class.  There is actually a bunch of stuff that is going good in my life right now, for example, I currently have good grades in all of my classes.  I also have been able to associate with many new people this year because I have a lot of different people in my classes than I had last year.  I have also made some new friends this year.  Well I haven't gotten my phone taken away recently so that's good too.  I also am looking forward to hanging out with a munch of my friends on Saturday and then going to one of my friends birthday party on Sunday.  I am also happy because it is cheer season right now.  Another thing that I am looking forward to is participating in winter cheerleading.  So many things have been going well for me in my life recently and I hope it stays this way.  Thank you for reading, bye!

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