Thursday, January 3, 2013

Throughout the Year of 2012

I learned many things throughout the year of 2012, for example I learned to be myself, to not stress out over everything, and to try my hardest no matter what comes my way.  I chose to be myself because I would rather have true friends then have a lot of friends that don’t even like me for me.   I also don’t stress out about stuff as much anymore.  I would stress out if I didn’t understand a question on my homework or couldn’t do something correctly in a sport.  Another thing that I learned to do was to always try my hardest, now if I need help with something I try to complete it by myself before asking for help.  Sometimes I would think that I could do something when I actually couldn’t but and I was just too embarrassed to admit it.  I have learned many things about myself, for instance I learned that I really like cheerleading and that if I set my mind to something I can really accomplish it.  I have learned from all of my mistakes throughout the year of 2012, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t make more.  I will keep making mistakes and I will keep learning from them for my whole life.
My New Year’s resolution was to try and not be as much of a procrastinator and to have a more positive attitude.  I seem to procrastinate in some situations if I don’t like the project or that subject, and sometimes I would rather just talk to my friends because I have time to do it the next day or in a couple days but it ends up that I just wait until the last minute.  Also sometimes I feel like I can have a negative attitude, I feel this way because I will be upset about something and it will affect me in my overall attitude.  I want to try and change this because I shouldn’t let something little ruin my day and I don’t want to take something out on other people or things for no reason.

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