Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gardener and Gregorc Learning Styles Tests

I learned that I score highest on the Abstract Random category for the Gregorc test.  This is true for me because it says I'm sensitive, personal, emotional, imaginative, colorful, interpreter, and that I have deep feelings.  I think that I am all of these things.  Although, it also says that I am flexible and like discussion,  I wouldn't consider myself either of these things (unless you are talking about stretching flexible).

On the Gardener test I got the highest score in the Musical category.  I think this is partially true for my learning because it says that I love singing, whistling, humming, tapping feet and hands, and listening.  I agree with the part that says I love to sing  and I sometimes will tap my hands or feet but the rest I disagree with.  I don't love humming or listening, mostly because I talk too much, and I don't even know how to whistle!  I partially agree with these results.  I also think that I should have gotten a higher score in the Bodily-Kinesthetic category.  I think this because I often gesture, I love dancing and jumping, I also like hands-on activities.  The only part that would not apply to me in this category is that I like to build.

Some people that I admire are...
My Mom-Concrete Sequential, and Bodily-Kinesthetic
My Dad-Abstract Random, and Logical-Mathematical
My Aunt-Concrete Sequential, and Linguistic

Altogether I think that my scores are accurate on the Gregorc and Gardener tests.  This information can help me in school because it helps me when studying and doing schoolwork.  Now I know more ways to help me become a better student academically and physically.

I commented on Alanna's and Jenna's blog.

Karissa <3

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  1. Karissa, you did a nice job except you needed to explain why you chose each of those learning styes for your family members.